Talentshow in Heddesheim

Swimming: At the 41st Hedint, especially the youngsters from the Olympic base show their potential.  / Giulia Goerigk from Karlsruhe satisfies

written by Sibylle Dornseiff (sd)

and translated by Jan Zimmermann

Heddesheim. Eight starts, seven victories, six best times and one track record: if this is not a successful start to the season on the short track. Giulia Goerigk was also completely satisfied with her performances at the 41st Heddesheimer Hedint. „I am also a little surprised, for an entry competition it went really well. “, said the 16-year-old hope of the German Swimming Federation, who - even though she does not train in Heidelberg but in Karlsruhe - belongs to the olympic base of the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar.

„It wasn't my first Intention to start for victories, but I rather look at my times“, said the student from Karlsruhe's Otto Hahn Gymnasium, who trains eight water and three strength units per week. She was most pleased with her success on her favourite course 400 metre medley. The 4:45,21 min not only means personal best time on the short track, but also improved the old Hedint record of Marlene Hüther from the year 2015. Goerigk was the only one who was included in the chronicle in 2018.

The bronze medallist of the European Youth Festival 2017 as well as four times German Youth Champion and JEM-seventh of 2018 also won with personal best time at 100m backstroke (1:04,09 min), 100m breaststroke (1:13,56 min) and at 100 and 200m butterfly (1:03,90 / 2:19,50 min). Goerigk was also at the top of the podium at 200m medley (2:16. 59 min), 200m breaststroke (2:33. 25 min) and with the mixed relay of the SGR Karlsruhe. At her sixth record (200m freestyle, 2:03,03) she had to admit defeat to Zoe Vogelmann (2:02,97 min).

Arround 40 helpers do a great show of strength

The 15-year-old from SV Nikar Heidelberg was also one of the series winners with five successes and represented the highly talented junior squad of the OSP Rhein-Neckar, which won 33 medals at the German age group championships in summer. Perhaps the most exciting race took place over 50m butterfly, because Vogelmann (28. 89 sec), Sita Kusserow from (SGR Karlsruhe, 28. 92 sec) and Maialen Rohrbach (Swimteam HedDos, 28. 92 sec) were only a blink of an eye apart. The 17-year-old local heroine otherwise held back a little at the start of the season, but won the 50m backstroke (0:30. 50 sec).

Several times as second her club colleague Maike Jung stood on the podium, Paul Grunert represented the SV Mannheim with four first places. The twelve-year-old Joelle Vogelmann (SV Nikar Heidelberg) also attracted attention at the traditional competition at the beginning of the season on the 25-metre track, which this time focused on young talents. Her younger sister Zoe won six races. 

"We are very satisfied with the number of participants, even if the German top swimmers, who like to test their strength at the Hedint, were missing this time", judged HedDos department manager Silvia Wiltzsch the 282 participants from 15 clubs with 1711 starts. "Because of the late EM in August, the stars are almost all still in the training camp, the open class was therefore not so strongly occupied. She was all the more pleased that the Young swimmers from her own club were again and again on the podium.

The twins Maren and Anna Spietzack mastered the feat of organizing the Hedint together with 40 other helpers from the SwimTeam HedDos on the one hand and swimming on the other. "But we're taking the season easy, now we're concentrating on the Masters area where we want to gain a foothold", the 30-year-olds have national and international goals, which they tackled in front of their own audience "but only on secondary routes".

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