HEDINT - since 40 years tradition in Heddesheim

The first HEDdesheim INTernational swimming-event = HEDINT took part in october 1977.

Meanwhile HEDINT is a firmly established competition at the beginning of the short course season.

40. HEDINT from 7th to 8th of October, 2017

Already at the beginning HEDINT was internationally advertised. Even then the objective was to develop HEDINT into a top-flight swimming-event.

During the years HEDINT was continuously developed further. Again and again we get the commitment of German swimming-stars to participate in Heddesheim.

A long-standing friendship has been established with swimming-clubs from Aarhus / Denmark. Since the beginning of HEDINT the Danes make up the international character to the event.

Under the slogan - Fast and Explosive - HEDINT marks the beginning of the short course season in october. 

Contact for further information:
Silvia Wiltzsch: silvia.wiltzsch@remove-this.heddesheim-schwimmen.de

Facts and Figures about HEDINT

HEDINT in FiguresStarting at HEDINT
(selection of competitors)
350 competitors
up to 2000 starts
25 referees
40 helpers
3000 € prize Money
Martina van Berkel
Petra Dallmann
Philip Heintz
Selina Hocke
Marlene Hüther
Lena Kalla
Alibek Käsler
Marco Koch
Nina Kost
Yannick Lebherz
Annika Liebs
Silke Lippok
Clemens Rapp
Kevin Wedel
Simone Weiler
Jan Wolfgarten