TG Heddesheim 1891 e.V. - Swimming-

The swimming-department of TG Heddesheim 1891 e.V.  was founded in 1977 short after the opening of the Heddesheim indoor swimming pool. Today the department counts on approximatly 190 members and ranges among the most successful swimming-clubs in Baden.

We about us

Our members are training in six different groups to reach big events if they want to. After reaching the Seehorse young swimmers can improve their abilities to swim against others at competitions.

In our achievement groups gifted sportsmen can pursue swimming as a sport under achievement points of view. Successful sportsmen of TG Heddesheim take part in national and international competitions.

If you are not interested in the exercise of the serious sport and liked to keep yourselve fit with the swimming sport, we offer you in our leisure group all possibilities.

Also members and honourary can introduce themselves according to her images and inclinations in the association. Together we find the right thing and the right contact.

Together as Swinteam Heddos

Since the 01st of January, 2013 the athletes of TG Heddesheim begin swimming together with the swimmers of TSG Germania Dossenheim as a start community under the common name "Swimteam HedDos" to use synergetic effects.

Nevertheless, the sportsmen remain furthermore members of her home association. Merely the start right of the competition swimmers from 10 years will transfer on the start community.

The active in the area of the popular sport remain furthermore members of the origin association.